To Start   All served with fresh bread 

Garlic prawns,  King Prawns stir fried  in garlic, lemon, parsley & Butter  Gluten Free   £6.50  

Herb Crumbed Fillets of John Dory,    Deep fried, served with a dressed salad & sweet chilli dressing   £6.50

Memories Crab Cakes,  We make these using only fresh white crab meat, fresh from Brixham   £6.50

Chorizo, Red Pepper & Garden Pea Risotto,   Finished with parmesan cheese  Gluten Free    £5.75        

Stilton, Brie and Cheddar Tart,  Freshly made, served topped with melted cheddar   £5.95

Deep Fried Crispy Whitebait,    Served with a dressed salad & mayonnaise dip   £5.50

Garlic Chicken,  Breaded chicken fillet, deep fried & served with garlic butter,  with a dressed salad   £5.50    

Home-made Soup of the day,   Freshly made, see blackboard for todays choice Gluten Free  £4.95  

Deep Fried Breaded King Prawns,   Served with chilli dip   £ 5.50 

King Scallops,  Always available prices and styles vary   Gluten Free

Main courses  

Todays Meat Dishes   All our meats, wherever possible are sourced from south devon farms

Rack of South Devon Lamb Cutlets,  Served with a red wine, rosemary & mint gravy. Gluten Free  £14.50  

Beef in Red Wine with Wild Mushrooms,  Slowly cooked in red wine & beef stock . Gluten Free   £12.95

Pan Fried Escalope of English Rose Veal,   With a lemon, butter and parsley sauce  £13.95

Pork and Black Pudding Dumplings,  Free range pork mixed with black pudding with onion gravy   £12.50

Slow Cooked Braised Shoulder of Lamb,  Slowly cooked in red wine with mushrooms and onions. Gluten Free  £13.95

Fillet of Free Range Devonshire Chicken,    With a mushroom, tarragon & cream sauce Gluten Free £12.95

Medalions of local Venison Loin,   With a red wine, port, stock & sour cherry sauce Gluten Free £15.95

Confit of Free Range Pork Shoulder   Served with a stilton, brandy & cream sauce Gluten Free £12.50

FILLET STEAKS    A 7oz 28 day Matured Steak from south devon farms Gluten Free   £14.95

Selection of Home-Made Sauces for your Steak   £1.95  

Port & Shallot      Beef jus with chopped shallots & port Gluten Free   

Au poivre    Cracked peppercorns, beef stock, brandy & cream Gluten Free

Stilton      White wine, stilton, beef stock, brandy & cream Gluten Free

Red Wine & Mushroom      Red wine, beef stock, brandy & mushrooms  Gluten Free 

All served with a selection of fresh vegetables with hand cut fried potatoes

Todays Vegetarian Dishes

Beetroot Bourguignon   Slowly braised in red wine with mushrooms, carrots, garlic & baby onions   £ 10.50

Red Pepper & Garden Pea Risotto Cakes     Served with a roasted red pepper sauce       £ 10.50 

Todays Seafood   See Blackboard for todays sizes & prices

All our fish is from Brixham day boats, we fillet all the fish, all sauces are gluten free

Char-Grilled Wild Sea Bass with a caper, white wine, stock & cream sauce  Gluten Free 

Pan fried local Turbot with lemon parsley butter Gluten Free

Pan Fried Brixham Plaice with a lemon, parsley & caper sauce Gluten Free

Pan Fried fillet of Lemon Sole with a lemon. parsley & caper sauce Gluten Free

Pan Fried local caught Brill with a lemon, parsley and butter sauce Gluten Free

All Served with a selection of fresh vegetables with hand cut fried potatoes


PUDDINGS   All homemade with butter,fresh cream & free range eggs in our Kitchen

Sticky Toffee & Ginger Pudding with Ginger Toffee sauce Gluten Free 

Bread & Butter pudding

Steamed Lemon Syrup pudding Gluten Free

Chocolate & Tia Maria Iced Parfait Gluten Free

Baileys & White Chocolate Iced Pudding Gluten Free

Coconut & Vanilla Tart 

Chocolate Brownie with home-made ice cream & chocolate sauce

Treacle & WalnutTart

All Served with freshly whipped Vanilla Cream 

All at £4.75

Cheese & Biscuits     £ 4.95

Home-made Vanilla Ice Cream     £ 3.95 Gluten Free

Liqueur Coffees    £ 3.95  Gluten Free


               WINE LIST         



                              HOUSE RED             BOTTLE           £12.50

                                                 187ml Bottle £3.75

CABERNET MERLOT  Auction House,  Australia                        £13.50

SHIRAZ,   Rosemount Estate                                               £13.75 

RED ZINFANDEL, Beringer   California                                 £13.75

MERLOT,  Lindemans   Australia                                         £13.95

MALBEC,   Deporte De Reyes   Argentina                                    £13.95

CABERNET SAUVIGNON   Van Zijl   South Africa                           £14.50



             HOUSE ROSE                    BOTTLE                £12.50

                                              187ml Bottle £3.75

SAUVIGNON BLANC ROSE   Mud house   New Zealand                      £14.50



                    HOUSE WHITE                    BOTTLE            £12.50

                                                  187ml Bottle  £3.75

PROSECCO,  VENEZIE   200ml Bottle    Italy                          £ 5.25

PEISPORTER,  Blaumeister  Germany                                     £12.95

PINOT GRIGIO, Di Conte  Italy                                          £13.75

CHARDONNAY,  Rosemount Estate   Australia                           £13.75

SAUVIGNON BLANC, Mud House   New Zealand                         £14.50

PROSECCO,  Frivolo     Italy                                               £15.95




SLIGHTLY SPARKLING                       Large bottle 750ml         £ 2.25